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 Hou can I buy something?

If you want to buy something,

you can sent my an email.(contact)

You can buy something from the collection,

look at (foto's van mijn werk)

Or you can order a sculpture about a subject you want!

In that case you sent me an email, in which you discribe

the figure that you want to order.

Than I contact you by email,

perhaps for some more information ,

or for a fotograph of the subject

and to give you a price-offer

if you agree with the price I will make the figure

and sent you a fotograph of it,

if you don't like it, you don't have to buy it!

In that case I just put it in my store.

If you like it and want to buy it, I will sent it to you,

(you have to pay for the transport).

You can also collect it at my little workshop.

You can sent me an email

but you can also give me a telephone call

or ask your question on the gastenboek

look at: contact

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