Hou can  I buy something?

 If You want to buy something  you can sent  my an email. ( Look at contact,

in the left paragraph, or for mobile phone at the top of this page)


This has proved to be a good way of ordering, for you can write al the details

(like coulor, size and so on)

Than I sent you a mail in which I give you a price offer, and you are

still completely free to buy it or not !

You can buy the artworks which are in the collection:

Look a : Foto"s van mijn werk)

When an artwork is sold (verkocht) , you can stil contact me,for I can make another

work about the same   subject , a bit simulair, but it's always original !

You can also, order an other work, about a subject you want!

In that case you sent me an email, in which you discribe the figure

that you want to order.

Than I contact you by email, perhaps for some more information ,

or for  a fotograph of the subject and to give you a price-offer 

if you agree with the price I will make the figure and sent you

a fotograph of it, if you don't  like it, you don't have to buy it!

In that case I just put it in my store.

If you like it  and want to buy it, I will sent it to you,and you have

to pay for the transport.(The price to sent a package to Danmark is DKK 67)

You can also collect it at my  little workshop.

You can sent me an email but you can also give me a telephone call

or ask your question on the gastenboek look at: contact


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